1. fuckyeahvintageillustration:

    'The comedies of William Shakespeare' with many drawings by Edwin A. Abbey. Published 1896 by Harper and Brothers, New York.
    See the complete book here.

    can you imagine even being able to ink like this (although I think some of these may be etching actually, but the style could totes be inked nowadays. So lovely.)

  2. inktober continues with another page of Star Control II page 4. Because of the size of the text, you may need to click through to my blog to see it properly. Tumblr dash again is…I mean why would they compress it like this?

    pages 1-3

  3. So For inktober I decided to start the project I’ve been thinking about but just haven’t gotten around to doing. The calligraphy pen is still giving me trouble, but I’m challenging myself to edit out detail, and it does help with that.

    So I’m doing the plot of SC II (at least until we meet the Spathi) trying to keep the same dialogue as the original, but needing to pace it out differently because comics. The game was mostly text-based with arcade shooter sections, but the voice acting, kept me enthralled as a kid who couldn’t really read, yet.

  4. skronked:

    hey Jalopy,  
    i’m going to give you a complicated answer.  this is a subject of which i care very deeply.  this isn’t a rule or anything, but if you’ve been cartooning for a long time you think a lot about your line (well maybe you do).   this might be my favorite question.
    it took me a long, long, long, long time to get to the place where i am drawing wise as far as line and texture, but the main thing that started me down the path to a jittery line was having carpel tunnel in my fingers and having to figure out a new way to draw that wouldn’t cause me stiffness and shooting pain in my hands.
    i used to bare down very hard on the pencil and grip it very tightly but when i started having carpel tunnel my grip became very weak.  if i gripped tight my hands would become numb.  if i bared down intense pain would run up and down my arms.  (this took place around 2001- 2003, during that time i also had major back problems) I was pretty bummed out about it.  drawing was my jam, and when you’re jam is taken away you get pretty depressed.  really depressed.  at the time i thought my career in art was over turns out it might have been more of a blessing than a curse.  
    I found out that if i barely gripped the pencil and if i applied a light pressure to the page my hand did not hurt.  my arm did not pain.  the line came out jittery and cool, and over years developed into the way i draw today.  it’s more of a style than a necessity these days, but i got there in a very gradual and natural way.  
    a line can say a lot about a person and their choices (well, if you want it to) or beliefs (if you have them).
    at the time i was also thinking a lot about being a creator and a creators relationship and responsibilities to their creations.  if you put your characters through horrible things are you hurting them? possibly torturing them? when you draw are you touching them? are they alive?  if you bare down possibly hurting them? are you touching them in ways they don’t want you to? now, this sort of thinking is kinda silly to focus on but at the time i was really feeling everything (still am).  i look at a hard line and these days and it’s like having a nail raked across my skin. it’s overbearing. it makes me claustrophobic (i have to admit almost everything makes me claustrophobic).  I don’t want to be touched that way.  I wanted my life to be gentle. so my line became gentle. I didn’t want to molest my characters so my line became light and breezy. i didn’t want to control my characters so my line became jittery. i wanted my line to represent nature itself so the line became more organic.
    a line can represent a way of life.
    try not holding onto things to tightly.
    there is much beauty in frailty, in tragedy. 
    touch the world lightly and gently.
    learn to let go of control.
    life has ups and downs, it meanders.
    i try to apply this to the way i write, the way i talk to people, the way i drive, the way i play music, the way i breath, and walk, and look.  
    all this is in my line but it’s been absorbed.  I don’t really think about it anymore it’s just kinda in the background.
    now what i’ve written here might seem kinda hoity-toity.  I have been very hesitant to talk about this in the past.  I don’t like forcing my beliefs on folks, and nobody wants anybody to preach to them, so hopefully this isn’t coming across like that. 
    it doesn’t really matter. take it or leave it.  this is my line at the moment, it only applies to me.  and my line will change in the future. 
  5. I missed updating over the weekend, so here’s two sketches for inktober. Two quiet landscapes. I’m getting the hang of this calligraphy pen. The secret was to use an old stack of thicker watercolor paper I’ve been hoarding since I was 15 which is terrible for watercolor, but just thick and buttery enough for this pen.


  6. Anonymous said: So, do you have crush on any fictional character who has NOT killed a man?


  7. For inktober today I tried doing many things, and I think the best scribble was this hermit crab. Also I practiced a bunch of Avu cats and the calligraphy pen was really fighting it. This one had a bird on it.

  8. For today’s inktober I decided to use better paper, which helped a ton, and I drew up a character I’ve been working on for a project I want to do. I’m thinking of doing a very simple pen + ink comic that goes through the plot of a little gem you’ve heard me talk about on this blog that few people have heard of, Star Control II, a game that is so dated that no one will play it (I think it’s in a sort of copyright hell, too, so it hasn’t been redone). But a plot and cast of characters that are really darling and I would like to draw it.

  9. Doubling up my inktober with sketch dailies for a Wednesday Addams. Tried out a different toned paper that I have a big stack of, hoping it wouldn’t bleed as much as my other paper, and you know what? It bled worse. hm. At least I tried.

  10. Today for inktober is Marceline. Getting used to using Calligraphy nibs.


  11. Music Meme

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    You can tell a lot about someone by the type of MUSIC they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc and write down the first 20 songs then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping

    So I use Spotify and this is from my list of songs I’ve favorited over the years. I’ll link it  for y’all so you don’t need to look up this weird spread.

    1. Dragonfly (Murcof) - My Brightest Diamond
    2. Digital Witness - St. Vincent
    3. Airplanes - Local Natives
    4. You’re not that Someone - Erin McCarley
    5. Amelia - Conner Youngblood
    6. Artichokes - Maps & Atlases (PS this is my favorite jam)
    7. Old Statues - Other Lives
    8. Flamethrowers - Cats In Paris (This is my favorite jam to paint to)
    9. The Heart Asks Pleasure First - Micheal Nyman
    10. We Were Just an Echo (Echo 2) - Tallest Trees (also favorite Jam)
    11. Stuart Gets Lost Dans Le Metro - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    12. Give Up The Ghost - Radiohead
    13. Daughter’s Lament - Carolina Chocolate Drops
    14. Young Blood - Birdy
    15. Offers - Memory Tapes
    16. Lemonade - CocoRosie (And if you don’t know CocoRosie sister duo look up CocoRosie. They are so creepy and wonderful and no one seems to know them.)
    17. Cruel - St Vincent
    18. ˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜ - My Brightest Diamond
    19. Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex - CSS
    20. Dust Bowl III - Other Lives

    Tagging: if you are reading this and feeling bored (or have a hankering to procrastinate), and want to share your tunes, feel free.

  12. Roses for inktober that got compressed to hell, thanks tumblr. (but at least now it looks ok on my blog. I had to make it larger so it could shrink down instead of shrink up.)